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Nutmeg Aspirin is a new online wellness community that’s all about feeling, getting, and being better. We value well-being tips and triumphs from anyone and everyone, so everyone has the ability to post tips for everything from simple everyday fixes (acne, cold/flu, etc.) to major challenges (cancer, depression, etc.).
When you share or contribute on Nutmeg Aspirin, you gain both exposure and credibility.
We promote the tips on our site, along with the community members who post them – so as Nutmeg Aspirin grows, you grow.
  • We will share your tips in our weekly email, which has >30k reach.
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  • Search your name and your tip will come up on Google. Think SEO!
  • Gain new followers and contacts. When you fill out your Nutmeg profile, our community members can connect with you, check out your website, or follow you on social media. (Also: backlink!)
  • Your tip is a part of our RSS feed that other bloggers can use to reduce the stress of producing fresh content daily. The more people who add our RSS feed of wellbeing tips to their page, the broader your exposure!
Some basic guidelines for posting:
  • Please make your post work in our format as opposed to simply copying
 and pasting existing content. The intake form is quick and easy to follow.
    (Note: You can also embed a video.)
  • Keep your tip about a personal experience — what worked for you.
  • Refrain from writing a sales pitch. If you are interested in a promotional post 
about a service or a product, please inquire about sponsorship opportunities.
  • Remember to share your tip across your own social channels! (We love helping you grow and welcome your help as well — a win-win for all!)
If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact
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