Karma Points Spread the love & knowledge.

Your engagement on Nutmeg Aspirin is a GIFT to others – one that earns you not only good karma (out in the real world) but also Karma Points (here on our platform).

While we have infinite gratitude for all community members who are helping others to feel, get and be better, our community leaders will get special thanks in the form of spotlights, shout outs, and access to special opportunities (plus, of course, whatever good karma comes their way).

Here’s how it works:

Karma Levels

Community Member
0 - 100 points
100 - 300 points
300 - 600
600 - 1,000 points
Community Leader
1,000 + points

Earning Karma Points

Sign up 10 points (automatic)
Share 5 points (automatic)
Automatically get 5 points for sharing Nutmeg Aspirin content on social media
React to a wellbeing tip or triumph 5 points (automatic)
Automatically get 5 points when you react to a possibility (it worked, didn’t work, so-so)
Comment 5 points minimum (automatic) 15 points max (conditional)
Automatically get 5 points when you comment on a possibility or perspective Bonus +10 points if 3+ people like the comment
Post a question 15 points minimum (automatic) 50 points maximum (conditional)
Automatically get 15 points when you ask a question Bonus +35 points if 5+ people respond to your question
Answer a question 10 points minimum (automatic) 100 points maximum (conditional)
Automatically get 10 points when you respond to a question Bonus +45 points if 2 people like your response Bonus +45 points if another 5+ people like your response
Post what works 20 - 250 points
Automatically get 20 points when you post a wellbeing tips & triumphs Bonus +80 points if/when 5 people say it worked Bonus +100 points if another 10 or more people say it worked Bonus +50 points if 10+ people save your wellbeing tips & triumphs
Refer a friend 20 - 250 points