The Power of Long Distance Healing


When I first began investigating energy healing more than two decades ago, I was a journalist. Long distance healing provoked the most incredulity of all. That changed when I received my first long distance healing and then again when I transmitted distance healing energy for another person.

Since then I have done thousands of long distance healings in the 20 years that I have studied and practiced as an energy healer.  Every time I do a distance healing, I am filled with gratitude. It’s truly a miracle that something so simple can be so powerful. (It turns out there are scientific studies that prove the efficacy of distance healing. I wrote about them in my first book, How People Heal.)

I have comforted people shaken by divorce, helped people through difficult surgeries, and alleviated the terrible effects of both chemotherapy and trauma. I’ve even helped people sell their houses and reduce their debts so they could have the highest flow in their lives.

It is uplifting either giving or receiving that extraordinary light. The first time I received a distance healing, I was visiting California.  I woke one morning with a horrific migraine headache. Feeling desperate, I called a healer I had interviewed, not sure what he could do, but hoping for some kind of comfort. I got his voice mail. But soon, the most delicious, comforting, illuminating force was moving through me, releasing all the tension in my being. I fell asleep. When I woke an hour later, the headache was gone. Later, the healer confirmed what I already intuited, he had sent healing energy to me from New York.

Offering energy healing long distance is just as amazing, for there is always a union of souls. Even if someone is going through a great difficulty there is a profound spiritual merging and a bliss that unfolds as part of that soul connection.

Among the distance healings I’ve done, I helped an athlete heal from an injury on the eve of the Olympic games so that she could go on to perform and win a medal. For an actor with a detached retina I cleared the dark energy of despair so he could regain his sight. For the mother of a doctor, I released an excruciating pelvic pain late one night when they didn’t know where else to turn to for help. For a new mom, I cleared a baby’s colic.

With long distance healing, I can help anyone, anywhere, no matter what is going on. I have had a lot of amazing experiences. But my experience with Neil, an 8-year-old boy, says everything about why I do distance healings.

Neil was lying in a coma in a hospital, barely hanging on when his neighbors, who are friends of mine, called to ask for my help. Neil had been playing hide and seek on the roof of his building. Somehow, he had tripped and fallen three stories to the pavement below. When the paramedics reached him, blood was leaking out of one ear.

Neil was so fragile that his doctors didn’t know if he was going to make it. They weren’t allowing anyone to see him except his parents. Fortunately, healing energy is not bound by time or space, doors or walls, or by hospital routines.

I went into a deep state. In a distance healing, I don’t actually send energy. I meet the person in a plane of reality beyond time and space. You could call it a soul plane. Or if you are scientifically minded, you might call it the quantum domain. There, our energies merge.

Soon I connected with Neil soul to soul. I could feel immediately that his psyche and energy field were seized up in panic and shock.  I held him ever so gently in the highest, most soothing light. It took about two hours before he began to relax. But eventually he let his heart to come to rest in my heart.  When his energy finally began to flow, I felt confident he would live.

Once Neil had calmed down, I gently turned my awareness to his brain. There was so much pain in his head that at the gentlest touch of energy, even at a distance, he panicked all over again. I had to work very gently and slowly to calm him down and add healing light to his head. Then I restructured the energy grid on which his brain cells grew. Very slowly the enormous pressure and pain in his head began to subside and, with it, his panic.

I called my friends, Neil’s neighbors, and told them I felt Neil would begin to make a good recovery. But, “he may be agitated for a few days,” I warned.  I knew that the physical realm follows the energy and the agitation and pain I experienced during the healing would have to be resolved.

Indeed, during the week that followed the healing, Neil was indeed extremely agitated as he began to emerge from his coma. His doctors responded by putting him into an induced coma to keep him as still as possible. Finally, after two weeks, he emerged from his coma. Soon, Neil was talking, laughing, smiling. Within a matter of weeks the hospital released him and, although still fragile, he went home.  

This is why I do long distance healings.


Diane Goldner, an energy healer and medical intuitive, is based in Los Angeles and does distance healings with people all over the country and internationally and is the Guest Expert Healer at Cornelia Spa in New York on frequent visits to Manhattan.  She helps people with all kinds of challenges, including chronic illness, anxiety, infertility, trauma, cancer and surgery. Diane is the author of two books, How People Heal and A Call To Heal, a memoir of becoming a healer. Her third book, Yes, You Can Heal, will be out in March. For more information about healings or workshops, go to



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Alex Syrkovsky
By Alex Syrkovsky
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