Treating Cancer Naturally & Feeling Better Than Ever

Treating Cancer Naturally

    Seven years ago, following dental implant surgery, I looked in the mirror and realized that although I still felt young, I didn’t look that way anymore. Shortly after,  I was diagnosed with melanoma. It was surgically excised and hasn’t come back, but in the two years that followed I was diagnosed with carcinoma, stage 2 HPV in my throat and squamous in my jaw. I treated and beat all of it –without chemo or radiation I might mention–  and none of it has recurred in five years (and counting). I thought I was in the clear. But a little over two years ago, regular testing revealed “the good kind” of leukemia, (CLL Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia).  

     My hematologist/oncologist told me that it is common in men my age, past sixty, and that most don’t even know that they have it, unless they have had cancer before and receive frequent blood testing, as in my case.  He told me that there is no treatment and no cure, and that chances were unlikely of it advancing to the bad kind of leukemia (ALL Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia). I did my own research and discovered that Sloan-Kettering and Mayo Clinics differed by more than 20% in their not so reassuring estimates.  

    My doctor further assured me that there were not even likely to be any symptoms except for fatigue and vulnerability to catching a cold or the flu.  That too, he said, is normal for my age.

    My acupuncturist told me to take it easy and not to wear myself out playing too hard.  I love tennis and typically play to exhaustion. She told me that at this age I would no longer be strengthening myself, and would actually be putting undue stress on my compromised immune system.  She told me to sleep more.

    So, I restricted myself to just two sets of doubles and apologized to some of my partners for not playing harder.  After nearly three years of adherence to the vegan diet which my internist told me would prevent more cancer, I had blood cancer and felt discouraged.  I was craving sardines. I admitted it to my acupuncturist.

     “Eat sardines.”  She said.

    “I like them with mayonnaise,”  I said.

    “Have a little mayonnaise.  Make yourself happy. Enjoy your food.”

    I was happy.  I went to Grand Szechuan around the corner on Queens Boulevard and had Kung Po Squid.  While I was eating, I wondered if I was dying and that was why my doctor told me to make myself happy.  Was the end nearer than I had imagined?

    I started eating pan-seared wild salmon – which my wife and I love – for dinner again, and I even went back to eating eggs.  I was so happy to reintroduce some of the foods that I had missed back into my diet!

    But I was still tired and had caught a cold twice, so I consulted Dr. Ronald P. Drucker, a chiropractor and medical technologist, certified in homeopathy.  He interviewed me and reviewed my blood tests before recommending Digestacure, which is an organic super-concentrated Aloe product. Our plan was to boost my immune system and cure the CLL leukemia to prevent ALL.  After six or seven weeks, following his protocol, I noticed that hair was growing on the bald part of my head. I called Ron to report, and he laughed hard. He seemed delighted. I was too. Then he told me that it was a side effect that, while not unusual, was more common in women than men; about ten times more common.

    “Am I getting more female, Ron?   Am I going to get more in touch with my feminine side now?”

    “It is usual for men to get more female hormones at our age,”  He reassured me. “but you do have a lot. You also have a lot of male hormones, much more, but that will start to level off.  Don’t worry. You are really good.”

    In full disclosure here, I must say that I have not followed all of Dr. Drucker’s recommendations.  He advocates the Paleo Diet and suggested that I try having a lamb chop. Although I think the Paleo concept is ridiculous, I did try a taste of lamb.  My wife and I were in a fancy Jewish Restaurant in Mexico City and our table-mates were enjoying the lamb, so I took a bite. It disgusted me and I spit it into the napkin.  The Paleo Diet is not for me.

      Still, with adherence to the Digestacure protocol, I was nearly perfect.  The new hair was a thrill, I admit it. Gino, my soft-spoken octogenarian barber was sure that I was taking Rogaine.  You might think that the hair in itself is not important, except as a sign of improved health, but it felt like a miracle and it strengthened my confidence. With my hair back, I felt that I could cure what was incurable according to orthodox medical standards.

    Several months later, I took another comprehensive blood test and my oncologist/hematologist remarked that my hemoglobin was back in the normal range.  He was impressed enough to ask, “What are you doing differently?”

    “I am eating fish.”

    “More fish is good.”

    “And I am having intravenous vitamin C treatments, every month.”  He had no comment and recommended another blood test in four months.  The conversation ended.

    It has been about eight months since I began the Digestacure protocol.   I feel generally better and something remarkable has happened: My stamina has improved.  Last weekend I played tennis doubles three mornings in a row, for two to three hours each day with no cramping and no charley horse.  Twenty years ago, that would have been too much. Although I was tired and took afternoon naps after showering and lunch, I felt great.  This weekend I did it again, not to mention mid-week playing. Even yesterday with extreme heat and two matches totaling about three and a half hours, I finished without pain, pleasantly exhausted.  Imagine that.

    It is not just the Digestacure.  I take other supplements, but fewer than I used to.  I haven’t had the Vitamin C infusion or visited the acupuncturist in a couple months.  I’ve been using Trader Joe’s Super Red Drink Powder, and Hyland’s cell salts for electrolyte support and anti-inflammation.  Both are great. Yesterday, after the longest and hottest match, I used the blender to make liquid lunch.

    Recipe (following the recommended serving suggested for each super-product):

    Nutiva hemp protein powder, Trader Joe’s red stuff, Bluebonnet organic greens powder (another super-concentrated powder), Flora acerola powder (which is concentrated vitamin C), half a banana, a handful of raw organic almonds, coconut water, and ice  Ahhh, it feels great to get what you need.

    It has been more than five years without cancer, without recommended radiation therapy, and without chemo except for “C-mo” (intravenous Vitamin C drips).  The leukemia concerns me, but contrary to doctors’ recommendations, I have been making progress.  My stamina is better now than it was twenty years ago, when I was in the best shape of my life. And hair, as the song goes, “…as long as I can grow it!”

    So if your doctor is bumming you out about getting old, try another opinion.  Dr. Ronald P. Drucker might be a good place to start. Find him online. I urge you to read his book Code of Life; it is an eye-opener, and a life-saver; maybe your eyes, and maybe your life.


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Robin Katz
By Robin Katz
40 - Community Member
4 months ago

Amazing story. So happy for you that you’re not only living your life but enjoying your life! Extremely inspirational! Thanks for sharing :)

Steve Sloane
By Steve Sloane
165 - Explorer
4 months ago

thanks for reading and appreciating, Robin.

Steve Sloane
By Steve Sloane
165 - Explorer
3 months ago

Thanks for reading, Robin, and for your generous comments.

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