Healing heartbreak

My relationship recently ended, and I am suffering from some serious mood swings and heartache. Any tips for working through that and getting grounded?


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Nicole Eckert
By Nicole Eckert
765 - Ambassador
9 months ago

You're allowed to feel everything that you're feeling, and what you are feeling is normal. Every day the pain will become duller and duller until you make it an entire day without thinking about it. This day will come. Journal your feelings, write about how to plan to grow and evolve and focus on finding a hobby or passion that makes you feel vibrant & happy.

Mara Landis
By Mara Landis
1360 - Community Leader
10 months ago

I find this meditation to be so helpful!

Jamie Ferrell
By Jamie Ferrell
940 - Ambassador
10 months ago

I'm so sorry you're experiencing this! It is such a tough life experience to go through. I wrote a quick guide to help reflect through this experience. Hope it helps <3