Castor Oil Helps Heal Blisters and Hot Spots on Feet Fast!

Castor Oil Helps Heal Blisters and Hot Spots on Feet Fast
Photo by Joe Pizzio on Unsplash

How It Works

1). Apply a drop of castor oil to your blister (unpunctured skin) or hot-spot and rub it gently into the skin. Castor oil is thick so you don’t need much. Be sure to get a brand that is hexane-free. I am currently using Wild Wild Nest Organics and like that it comes in a small bottle with a dropper and some brushes if you want to try it on your lashes or eyebrows.  

2). Put a sock over the sore foot and leave on overnight. This will help the oil soak in, cushion the blister or hot spot and prevent oil from getting on other surfaces.

*** Additional Treatment for Blistered Sore Feet – Try soaking feet in a warm Epsom salt bath for 10-20 min and then apply the castor oil.  

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Blisters are an inevitable part of the hot summer months. I love running outside, wearing sandals and walking everywhere in the warmer weather but unfortunately, all the additional activity usually results in an uncomfortable blister or hot spot. I’ve tried castor oil for other ailments so I decided to try it on a couple of bad blisters and hot spots.  To my amazement, castor oil helped reduce the fluid in my blister and ease the pain of hot spots faster than any other natural remedy I’ve tried. My blisters were completely healed in two days and the hot spots were gone in one!

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