Create New Moon Intentions for Greater Clarity

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How It Works

The next new moon is on Friday, June 23rd, so I thought I'd share a practice that I find useful to my mental and spiritual health: writing intentions for the new moon cycle.


  1. Set a timer for 10-minutes
  2. Free write notes on what you want to achieve, grow, or develop during the next 30ish days. These can be goals, thoughts, visions, BIG dreams, small adjustments, whatever – the point is that you actively identify what area in your life you'd like to change or adjust.
  3. Reflect on those notes when the next full moon rolls around to see your progress and how you need to adjust for the next moon cycle!


Easy Neither easy
nor hard
Photo by nousnou iwasaki on Unsplash


I used to visit a New Moon circle each month at one of my favorite places, Shakti in the Mountains (Tennessee).


Farmers have known for centuries that planting seeds during the new moon is the most beneficial due to the high tides caused by the moon’s placement in the sky. I kno little about astrology and less about farming, but I like metaphors and I like being intentional about how I live my life. I only have anecdotal evidence and personal examples for how subconscious seed planting has worked in my life, but I strongly support that anyone who knows what they want has a better chance at achieving it.


There is just something magical about writing down what it is that you desire to achieve. And why not do it while the Earth can lend you a little support? :)


What is it that you want to see happen in your life during the next month or so? How do you want to feel? Is there a person you need to connect with, to forgive, to love? Is there a situation that you need to resolve? When I ask my yoga students to set intentions, I invite them to listen to their own intuition about what it is they need to accomplish. I suggest intentions can be of physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual intention. If you’re self-reflecting, then you probably have a pretty good idea of what it is you need to focus your energy on and make happen in your life. Enjoy!

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