Healing Cancer with Diet and Supplements


How It Works

Many people think cancer is a disease. That is not really the case. Typically, cancer comes when we are overloaded with emotional and environmental toxins and do not have the nutritional support to offset these things.

Few doctors bother to recommend essential minerals such as zinc, selenium, magnesium or iodine. Others do not have the correct appreciation for vitamin D levels essential to prevent cancer. Further, many doctors do not know how to properly assess B12 and folate levels. As a researcher and contributing editor for The Truth About Cancer, I read, write, and share. I welcome you to visit my website.

While I had been taking supplements, and eating well most of my life, I failed to resolve my past emotional traumas. For my protocol, I healed the mind, but I also tweaked my nutritional protocol buy increasing the dosage of some things and adding some new things.

For this protocol to work, it is best to eat a mostly plant-based diet and include supplements that target every aspect of cancer. If you do not like to take supplements, this is not the protocol for you.

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What I have learned about cancer in my ten-year journey is that it is a multi-factorial condition. One is not sick because he or she has cancer, but rather one has cancer because one is sick. Cancer is merely the symptom that presents as a result of dis-ease — it is a warning sign that all is not well within.


While I had been on an intense supplement protocol for seven years, my cancer still returned. My cancer seemed to be an emotionally driven one, and my supplement program was not enough to keep it at bay. I knew I had to resolve the emotional issues and up the ante, so to speak, nutritionally.


Working with my oncologist, Dr Mitch Gaynor, and my alternative doctor, Dr Michael Schachter, I devised a protocol of weekly Intravenous Vitamin C treatments in addition to tweaking my targeted supplements. I also worked with herbalist Dr George Wong, and diligently drank his teas daily.


One very important point to share is that it is important to take control of your protocol. I did not do everything each of my team recommended and used a lot of my own research to choose, as well as to be sure that there were no contraindications among my choices or their recommendations.


I also had no intention of taking of taking tamoxifen—I believe there are far better ways to manage estrogen than the use of toxic drugs. Instead I devised my own anti-estrogen protocol. I continued to eat scoops and scoops of freshly ground flax seed. I juiced and ate sprouts in huge quantities (especially broccoli, watercress, kale and basil) and consumed large amounts of rosemary (and other herbs) several times a day.


I upped my intake of vitamin D3 (and K2), which may in fact have been a big part of my healing as my October lab test came in at 95! And of course, I worked hard to raise my progesterone level as it is vital to balancing estrogen.


While I don’t often advocate avoiding entire food groups, I did give up one thing–gluten. Dr Schachter strongly encouraged me to give it up. At first I was reluctant, but after more suspicious nodes were found in January, I went cold turkey. Later I was to hear from one of my healers that my body cannot handle gluten. Not all people experience uncomfortable reactions to gluten, but the inflammation within is silently doing its damage.


I figured if cancer could happen to me again with all that I had been doing, I must indeed have missed something and that there was more to do. I encourage you to look deeply within for the root cause of your cancer as I did.


I have included a recap of some of the things I did to beat cancer (understand that this was in ADDITION to what I was already doing, or in some cases, I just upped the dose from what I was doing–and I take far more supplements than could be listed here). Since then, I have altered my protocol by adding and deleting based on more research. 


I credit my healing to all of the changes I made. I will never know what, out of all what I did, made the difference, but I truly believe that if I had not healed the mind, I would not have healed the body and would surely see more cancer—that my ‘recovery’ would be yet another Band-Aid.

To learn more about what I did to heal my emotions, an integral part of my healing, link here



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Michelle Shanley
By Michelle Shanley
15 - Community Member
6 years ago

How did you raise your progesterone levels. I need to do that as well.

Elyn Jacobs
By Elyn Jacobs
15 - Community Member
6 years ago

I did this with herbs such as thyme and sage, but also with B6, magnesium, zinc, vitex, and a few other things.

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