My Favorite Go-To Tips For Glowing Skin

My Favorite Go-To Tips For Glowing Skin

How It Works

When you take care of your skin, you're rewarded with a healthy glow that can form the foundation of your whole look. Try these 7 tips to nourish and care for this hardworking part of your body, and you'll be rewarded with radiant glowing skin!

1.      EAT FRUITS RICH IN VITAMIN C - Vitamin C helps boost collagen production to keep your skin taut and wrinkle-free. In addition to citrus fruits, try strawberries, guava and bell peppers (they're technically a fruit).

2.      SWITCH TO OLIVE OIL - Olive oil contains essential fatty acids that help your skin stand up to damage from the sun and stay hydrated. Use olive oil for sautéing, and with a splash of vinegar as a replacement for your salad dressings.

3.      PROTECT YOUR SKIN FROM THE SUN - The sun's intense rays cause age spots and freckles, and it also breaks down the skin's natural elastin, which means your skin will sag and form wrinkles earlier. Avoid the “high sun” times, wear a wide brim hat and long sleeves and use an natural sunscreen.

4.      REFRESH, PURIFY AND ENERGIZE YOUR SKIN - Try PLANTED IN BEAUTY’s Polish + Resurface Detox Exfoliant. Pineapple and Raspberry exfoliate, retexturize, and restore skin radiance while Great Burdock leaves behind a veil of hydration as it purifies and detoxifies.

5.      GET YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP - Your body rebuilds collagen while you rest, and additional blood flows to your skin to create that healthy glow while you're sleeping. You'll also avoid dark circles under your eyes when you close them more often.

6.      WORK UP A SWEAT - Exercise is good for you. In addition to keeping your heart strong, a daily dose of cardio is good for your skin. Anything that gets your heart pumping will also keep blood flowing to your skin, providing extra oxygen and nutrients for healing -- and the glow you're after.

7.      ADD YOGA TO YOUR ROUTINE - You'll be providing your skin a treat, and you'll help your body relax to drop off to sleep (which will also be great for your skin). The best poses for radiant skin are inversions; anything that encourages your blood to flow downward into your head and face is a great choice.


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