Natural Tummy Tamer


How It Works

This couldn't be more simple to use! Just rub a drop or two of DigestZen directly onto the abdomen over your digestive organs. I usually go about a hand-span all the way around the belly button. It smells delicious, similar to licorice.

Another option is to make a cup of tea with DigestZen. Here's my recipe:

Brew a cup of Yerba Mate tea using hot (not boiling) water. Boiling water will reduce the efficacy of the essential oils. While the tea is steeping, melt about 1/2 to one tablespoon of coconut oil in a spoon held over your steaming mug. Add 2 drops of DigestZen to the melted coconut oil and swirl it around to mix the oils. Add the oils to your tea, stirring vigorously to help distribute the oils. Add a good amount of honey and a swirl of half and half, stirring vigorously again (these not only make it even more delicious, but help the oils to not all float to the top). This tea is very soothing to any digestive upset (indigestion, heart burn, constipation, etc)

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With four children at home we have our fair share of tummyaches, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, etc. We've been increasingly striving to rely on natural remedies (when possible) for everyday needs. Essential oils have made that happen in every area of our lives. My kids come asking for DigestZen now when they start feeling weird in the stomach. It also helps my daughter with her carsickness!

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