Sinus Draining with 1 Qi Gong exercise


How It Works

In the fall, cold makes our body fluids move slower and become thicker. In addition, by-products of consumed sugar, dairy and other refined foods, which may float in the body's fluids, easily turn into mucus with a seasonal temperature drop. If your body reacts to the fall weather by sinus congestions and allergies, try this effective decongestion Qi Gong move from 8 Pieces of Brocade set.

On both sides of the neck we have 2 lymphatic ducts.We could help them move the lymph with the 4th exercise of 8 Pieces of Brocade Qi Gong, called "Look to the Back", which is almost self-explanatory. Standing or sitting with a good posture, look to the right and behind you, as if you hear the noise in the back of the room. Repeat to the left and behind you. I instruct my students to lead the movement with their eyes. Let the head and neck to follow, while the feet, legs and pelvis are steady. This way, you indirectly, gently twist the neck as a truffle wrapper, and the lymphatic ducts on both sides of the neck get squeezed just enough to increase yet not to obstruct the lymph flow. After performing "Look to the Back" 24 times ( per Dr Yang Jwing-Ming of YMAA's translation of authentic sources in "8 Simple Qi Gong Exercises for Health"), lightly tap above both collarbones to help the lymph drain back into circulatory system in the chest through subclavian veins.

If you are prone to sinus congestions, perform this exercise during the fall as a prevention. If you experience sinus congestion now, perform this exercise ( one set is 24 repetitions) with 1-2 hour breaks 5 times a day and increase water intake.

You could supplement exercising with dry body brushing to improve the lymph flow throughout the body. Avoid mucus forming sugar and dairy foods and introduce body warming/mucus-melting spices, such as ginger, garlic or turmeric into your fall diet.


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