The Ideal Protein Diet


How It Works

Ideal Protein products at approved centers

What You’ll Need

  • Ideal Protein


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


I have struggled with my dieting since my children were born. It was always a swing of five to ten pounds. I could never stay on a diet and if I did I would swing back quickly. The main problem was I had low blood pressure and would get very hungry and light headed..until Ideal Protein. The concept behind the diet is they use a concentrated protein powder mixed with amino acids to make packaged food products. The benefit is you get more protein absorbed per calorie. As an example (numbers not accurate) I can eat their bag of chips for 100 calories and get 6 grams of protein. I can eat a 6 oz chicken breast for 400 calories and only absorb 2 grams of protein. The centers weigh and measure you every week and provides you with the food. It is a four phase diet that eventually weans you off of their food onto a maintenance program. It is easy and I am not hungry or have the feeling of being deprived.

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