Topricin Cream for Joint & Muscle Pain


How It Works

If you're experiencing joint pain (knees! wrists! etc.), try rubbing some Topricin cream onto the area that hurts. My mom, a massage therapist and yoga teacher, recommended this to me years ago and it has been my go-to ever since. It also works well on muscle pain but I tend to use Tiger Balm for muscle pain and Topricin for joint pain. It is marketed towards people who have arthritis, but since I don't have arthritis, I can't speak to that.

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Shira Adler
By Shira Adler
75 - Community Member
6 years ago

I have been a user of Topricin for YEARS... it's a staple in my medicine cabinet (more like my apothecary cabinet ;-) It's coincidence my partner is the new COO of Topricin. My daughter (a pro. actress) is in their recent "Mother of the Year"commercial (it's on YouTube -- really funny) and I do some of the voice-over spots. Do you know about their different formulations? There's the regular "standby" plus Fibro, Foot Pain Relief and Kids. All good. All made better with my #CBD Body Butter ;-)

Lefkowmom Lefkowitz
By Lefkowmom Lefkowitz
15 - Community Member
6 years ago

I look forward to trying it on my elbow joints
Thank you for sharing and recommending it

Heidi Sloane
By Heidi Sloane
1040 - Community Leader
6 years ago

Hope it works for you too! :)

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