How to Wake Up with Great Energy


How It Works

We have all gotten out the wrong side of the bed and felt the effects impact the entire day. These are simple techniques to get you started and I will share others throughout the Group Sessions.

If you wake up in a funk or with an unsettled feeling, you have probably woken up during an unfinished dream or an incomplete REM cycle. You need five each night to wake feeling refreshed and ready to start a new day.


Step 1: Try lying there for another 5-10 minutes focusing all your attention upon a sense of your entire flat body dropping deeper and deeper into the mattress. You can also feel yourself descending a spiral staircase one step at a time. Both strategies will nudge your brain and body consciousness back into a hypnogogic state and potentially a short sleep. It doesn’t matter if you do not sleep; let your higher consciousness handle that decision.

Step 2: Once feel heavy and relaxed use this hypnogogic phase to visualise yourself in an idyllic state of expanded joy. Place yourself in a beautiful flower meadow with the sun shining down, birds singing, deer and wild animals at a safe distance, everything alive as alive can be. Immerse yourself in the small details. Smells. Textures. Colours. Imagery. Take it all in. You can visualise any other idyllic state to your liking, it is your world: create it, claim it, own it and make it as alive as alive can be.

Step 3: Once your body and being respond to the immersive imagining, become very very still, locate the centre of your torso just above the naval, hold your breath and resonate in the still-centre of your ‘ideal alive state’ for as long as you can until you feel it time to release. Lay there for as long as you like. Command yourself to receive. Let your highest self enter you. Be your highest self. You will now know when to rise.


Step 1: Another wonderful visualisation is to activate your full light body before rising, doing so will make you feel lighter, clearer and free from tension you woke up with. First, with as little effort as possible, lay out as straight. Now gently rub your feet together, just the sides of the feet in small but sensitive moves without raising your whole legs. Then gently rub your calves together. Then the knees, then the thighs, then rub the buttocks together the best you can. Immerse your attention in subtleness of these movements.

# Breathe in as your rub then hold the breath - paying full attention to the area you have just rubbed, then release the breath and be still for a moment without breathing before moving to the next body area.

Step 2: Continuing along the body, next tilt your pelvis slightly upwards, pressing your tailbone deeper into the mattress. This will create a hollowing of the lower back. There should be no pain or discomfort. Feel as though your higher being is elevating your second charka (see diagram) up towards the sky. Visualise this as a chord extending from the chakra centre upwards to the cosmos. It is the cosmos that is pulling your chakra upwards, elevating it. At the same time, feel Mother Earth gently support the elevation. You are supported by Mother Earth and elevated by the Cosmos.

Step 3: Do the same with the naval chakra. Raise it up, just as far as it will go without discomfort. This can be energy as well as quite physical but only if there is no discomfort. Then the heart chakra, raising the sternum and arching the lower back. Then the throat chakra, elevating from the middle of the neck. Then the third eye
chakra, this is as a feeling of your forehead elevating upwards and the back of your head being held in the hands of Mother Earth. Like a mother supporting a baby’s head. Don’t lift your head up though.

Step 4: Next hold the breath and clench every part of your body from head to toe. Hold and clench. Hold and clench. Repeat 5-times (in total). Next relax for a breath or two. Feel the energy flow and settle throughout your body.

Step 5: Finally, sense a light chord attached to your crown chakra and your feet extending you and stretching you, elongating your horizontal body so that every vertebra in your spine and neck has space between them. They are connected only by the light chord flowing through the entire length of your body. You are a being of expanded light, open, radiating and connected to heaven and earth. Feel your radiance. Feel your centre. Feel connected. Feel safe and secure. Feel energised, empowered and permissioned to be yourself. You are ready to enter your day.

Your entire being has been reset by the cosmos.
You have just completed a soma-neuro-immersion in being an individual and part of the collective. It is yours to claim.



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