Perspectives Contributors Guide

Our Perspectives section is a special, curated, area of Nutmeg Aspirin, reserved for more in-depth feel-get-be-better experiences, journeys and reflections that truly shine.

Before you send in a submission, please review the guide below and read a few of the Perspectives currently on our site to make sure that your submission is in line with what we’re looking for.

Content Overview

Perspectives may include a variety of content types, but all should be based on personal experiences:
  • Personal stories (more in depth than the wellbeing tips & triumphs)
  • Wellness tips
  • Top ten lists
  • Lessons learned
  • Mistakes made
  • Would have should have could haves
  • Reflections
  • What triggered your curiosity
  • Your go tos for feeling, getting and being better
  • Challenges and how to overcome

We are looking for articles related to
the following themes:

  • Wellness tips
  • Healing (in any manner, from any struggle)
  • Wellness
  • Holistic life hacks
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Meditation
  • Supplements
  • Diet tips or reviews
  • Remedies
  • Favorite products
  • Favorite practitioners
  • Retreats, healing meccas, spas, or restorative travel
  • Guidance on how to discern what is best for you
  • How to release emotions
  • Understanding yourself and others
  • Emotions and dis-ease
  • Understanding well-being versus wellness
  • Favorite resources/books
  • Inspiration for feeling, getting and being better
  • Your ‘ah-ha’ moments
  • Working up the courage to do
  • Being your authentic self
  • Life lessons
Article length
Articles should be between 350 and 900 words.
Each post should include at least one high resolution image.
If you would like to repurpose articles that you write for Perspectives, we ask that you wait two weeks after they are published before doing so. Please mention that it was originally published on Nutmeg Aspirin, and include a link to it.
You will be credited as the author, and links will be provided to your external sites/social media, along with a short bio .
All submissions will be reviewed before being published in Perspectives. In addition to general review, our team is available to support you with crafting your title, editing, and identifying key points to put in bold or pull quotes.

Content Tips - Voice/Tone/Style

  • Use a conversational tone, write from your heart, and feel free to be creative. Perspectives will be a place of no bullshit and no judgment. We want to hear your authentic experiences and opinions without filters or barriers. We want our community to be able to connect with you and your experience or advice.
  • If you’re writing about your area of expertise or something you’ve recently learned, write something that the younger, less experienced, “you” would have wanted to read and communicate what that is in the title.
  • Take authority over your own personal experience, but don’t impose it on others. No cure is one size fits all.
  • Prescribe specific steps of action
  • Set goals-make the plan so easy to comprehend that people will understand it, see its potential, embrace it and grow as a result.
  • Validate experiences of others.
  • Model being positive in spite of obstacles or obstacles as opportunities for growth.
  • Ignite others to seek wisdom.
  • Be encouraging of others - give hope that they too can feel, get and be better.
  • Begin your article with clear and intriguing overview of what the article will be about (in newspaper speak, “don’t bury the lead”).
  • Make the first few paragraphs compelling enough to prompt readers to scroll on and continue reading.
  • Break your article into chunks and provide clear subheadings. You want to make it easy for readers who scan to find the sections they’re interested in learning more about.
  • When it works and doesn’t make it gimmicky, consider making a list. Lists are easy for readers to digest and provide a clear reason for people to read them.
  • Close your article out with a question or some prompt that encourages the reader’s engagement, comments, etc.
  • Sprinkle in images within the post – especially if it’s a long one! (Photos, infographics, gifs, etc.)
  • Link to articles, companies and ideas that you mention within your post.
  • Use a title that includes a call to action, asks the reader to think, makes a bold statement, or offers a clear lesson learned. For example:
    • Forget advil – Here’s how to use tea tree oil to cure headaches
    • Getting distracted during meditation? Try this.
    • What’s the deal with energized water?
    • How doing X changed my Y
    • I cured my X with Y
    • Why Healing & Community Go Hand in Hand
    • A natural solution for clear skin
    • This exercise soothes arthritis
    • What is Energy Medicine?

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