Frequently Asked Questions at Nutmeg Aspirin

Nutmeg Aspirin is a wellbeing platform and community. Outside of our site, there is no such thing as a “nutmeg aspirin” (don’t try to find it in the health food store or pharmacy!). We named the site Nutmeg Aspirin because these two everyday healers represent the amazing range of options that might help you to feel, get and be better. For some, it may be nutmeg and/or aspirin. For others it may be meditation and/or diet, herbs and/or supplements — ultimately, it’s all about whatever works for you.

≈ is the symbol that represents “substantially equivalent” in math. On Nutmeg Aspirin, it represents how feeling, getting and being better can take many forms and many paths. There are endless possibilities that lead to the universally desired outcome of true wellbeing. And yet, despite so many substantial equivalents, in the end, YOU need to decide what works for you.

Anyone! Our community is open to anyone who wants to join. No need to be invited – everyone’s experience and point of view are welcome, supported, and valued.

All of our content (every single post!) is user-generated, thanks to our community members who share what works for them. If you want to share a tip or triumph (and collect some Karma Points along the way), simply create an account and click “post”.

No. We are a platform for anyone and everyone to share what has worked for them.

We do not take a “yay” or “nay” stance on anything, but our community members do! Reaction buttons like “It worked” and “Didn’t work” as well as the comment section enable community members to share their feedback.

No. Our tips and triumphs are not meant to replace the advice of medical professionals. Rather, we view the insights from others’ experiences as complementary – suggestions for what you might want to try. Complementary medicine is just complements!

No. At Nutmeg Aspirin, we are not offering cures or answers, but rather possibilities. This is an important distinction because, for most, there is not just one key to feeling, getting and being better. There is no magic pill, and healing is a process that takes time and patience. Our goal is to shine a light on the realm of possibilities that exist.

We also recognize that those who have found something that works for them are impassioned to help others in similar situations. And their experiences can provide context that make trying a new path more accessible and doable. But, in the end, you have to trust YOUR instincts – only you know how you feel.

To create an account, simply click “LOG IN / SIGN UP” (on the top left of the site, beneath the Nutmeg Aspirin logo) and follow the prompts.

  1. Sign in
  2. Click “post”
  3. Follow the instructions on the input form*

*Our form is designed to encourage concise, digestible, “to the point” posts. Feel free to share your back story in the “story” section, but please keep “how it works” targeted, giving just the info that our community members need to know to try your tip for themselves.

We encourage you to ask a question and see if one of our community members might have some advice.

  1. Sign in (or sign up)
  2. Click “questions” (you’ll find it on the top part of the site)
  3. Begin typing in the text field up top
  4. Follow the prompts given.

Asking a question is easy. If you are uncomfortable about having your identity tied to the question you’re asking, feel free to ask anonymously. As people respond, you will be notified (that’s why you need to sign in, even if it’s an anonymous question).

Perspectives articles are deeper reflections, lessons learned, and wisdom pieces that are editorially curated. This means Nutmeg Aspirin’s editors decide what is published on this section of our site (whereas anyone can post Tips and Triumphs). If you’d like to be featured in Perspectives, please read our Contributor’s Guide and submit your reflection in the form provided. We will get back to you as soon as possible with our feedback.

For the sake of transparency we ask community members to let us know when they have a professional benefit with a brand, product or service that they’re recommending. When you see this on a tip or triumph, it means it was written by someone who may stand to gain financially by the sale of a product or service recommended within the post.

Our site is open to everyone. Anyone can post, comment, react or respond to questions. But because we are asking people to offer their experiences or advice, we want to be able to contact you if needed. If you’re not comfortable using your real name, feel free to invent a username. Your email and contact information will be kept confidential and our membership lists will never be shared with outside parties.

Profiles put a real person behind the tips and triumphs, comments and questions shared – and, for those who complete their profiles, a face and a bio too. We encourage our community members to share who they are and what they do in their profile. But, if you prefer to keep it lowkey, you can create a username and leave it at that.

The reaction buttons serve as metrics for what works and what does not in the world of feeling, getting and being better. We encourage our community members to react to tips that they’ve tried themselves by clicking “it worked” “didn’t work” or “so-so.” Knowing whether something worked for you may influence others’ decision to try it themselves. (Reacting to posts will also up your Karma Points.)

We are committed to remaining neutral and not judging what works for other people. In rare instances, we will intervene. It hasn’t happened yet, but if hateful content is posted, that will be deleted.

In almost all other situations, we rely on our community to respond with our reaction buttons. We encourage community members to react – “it worked”, “didn’t work”, “so-so” – and provide feedback for anyone interested in trying the Tip or Triumph. Our intention is to empower wellbeing and, in order for people to successfully feel, get and be better, they need to practice discernment.

At Nutmeg Aspirin we believe in accumulating good karma. The more you engage, post, react, comment, respond to questions, refer others to our site, the more points you will earn. When you reach 6000 points, you can become a Community Leader.

We highly value our community leaders, as they are the ones who have engaged the most on our site. They have shown how much they care by sharing what works for them, commenting, reacting, referring friends and responding to questions. We will reward our leaders through opportunities both on our site and in real life. Stay tuned for specific opportunities as our site evolves and grows.

Following people, questions and topics will help you to stay on top of the content most relevant to your wellbeing. If you opt in, you’ll receive notifications when a person, question or topic you are following is updated with more content.

Because when you share what has worked for you, you are helping so many others. Think of it as a good deed – you’ll earn some Karma Points (online in the Nutmeg Aspirin community and out in the real world). Do you remember how you felt when you were going through your struggle? Most likely alone and scared. If you could minimize those feelings for others, wouldn’t you?

Yes, but in the case that you stand to benefit financially from the sale of a service or product being recommended in your tip, we request that you be transparent with us and our community members (there’s a checkbox within the intake form that you can tick).

No. All we ask is that if you stand to benefit financially from the sale of a service or product being recommended in your tip, we request that you be transparent with us and our community members (there’s a checkbox within the intake form that you can tick).

We’re happy to serve as a platform to share what works for you and to help people discover all that you have to offer (both on our site and beyond; ie: on your own site!), and we also appreciate you sharing Nutmeg Aspirin with your community, as a resource to help them to feel, get, and be better.

Yes and no. Yes, you can repurpose your existing blog posts on Nutmeg Aspirin, assuming the content is relevant to feeling, getting and being better. But in most cases you can’t just copy and paste it. We ask that you follow the structure of our intake form, which in many cases will require some tweaking to your existing post.

PS: We do not mind if you link back to your site, but in the spirit of karma and give and take, please also add a link on your site to the post on ours and share your Nutmeg Aspirin post with your community on social media.

We encourage you to use your profile as a means to spread the word. You can write and share tips about what people might learn by attending an event or tuning into your webinar, but please refrain from making the tip be “tune into my webinar.” Make sure the tip is substantive and helpful on its own; people can learn more about what you have to offer via your profile.