Let's Get Personal

Let's Get Personal

Have you ever read through comment sections of posts on Facebook or Instagram that share mind-numbing challenges and/or triumphs of real people?

It seems that when someone reveals what is troubling them –even when it’s just something like having a bad day or feeling sick – the response tends to be an outpouring of love, and often from strangers. Seemingly random comments become lifelines of help, support, advice and me toos. The immense capacity of the human heart is fully exposed and, in that moment, a community is formed.

By sharing, we empower others. A comment from a HONY (Humans of New York) post, captures this beautifully:

“Thank you for sharing. You gave me the courage to face my own challenges. God bless you, there isn’t much real on the Internet.”

Yet, despite a wondrous world of people out there just waiting to open their hearts and care, just waiting to make us realize we are not alone... so many of us choose to walk around tightening our masks, afraid that if we reveal our true selves, our worlds will crumble. Paralyzed by fear of judgment, or of being vulnerable, we craft narratives of how we want to be perceived.

Who does not suffer from aloneness? Who is immune from struggle and who does not hide the inner turmoil, expending all energy just trying to get through the day? Or, who has not experienced these feelings at least once before at some point in life? Even though this may not be a daily occurrence for everyone, it is a universal experience.

I have experienced many highs and lows. From anorexia in college, to battling depression, to feeling like an outsider. From dealing with a toxic mold exposure illness, to my children’s complexities and issues. I know the fear. I know the feelings of shame. I know the crippling effects of self doubt and the unknown. I also know how to hide it –  I mastered the ability to hide my struggles, and I suffered more because of it.

I originally started Nutmeg Aspirin with the intention of sharing what real people are doing to feel, get and be better. Through my own journey and unraveling, I now realize Nutmeg is more than documenting what works and what does not in the world of healing.  It is a judgement-free refuge. It is a place to be personal. To get real together.

In my search for love in my life, I have come to learn that we can not receive love if we are not vulnerable. When you dare to share, people care.

Here at Nutmeg Aspirin, we have your back no matter what might be weighing on your shoulders.

So, let’s get real. Let’s make this a safe space for authentic sharing. Let’s ditch the masks and make it a movement.

Here’s to feeling getting and being better, together!

With love and friendship,


P.S. As I sat meditating on the beach in Santa Monica...contemplating and setting intentions for Nutmeg Aspirin, a complete stranger snapped this picture. Thank you Kiko Sanchez for reinforcing we really are all in this together.


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Alison Baker
By Alison Baker
70 - Community Member
7 years ago

Thank you for sharing this and creating a space for us all to connect, share, learn and support one another. It has taken me so long to learn to accept love and to let it in-- freely. Your post is a fantastic reminder to me to be present with my feelings and open with my heart.

Eve Combemale
By Eve Combemale
20 - Community Member
7 years ago

I love this, Mara. It's taken me 50 years to understand that allowing and exposing our vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness or flaw. Your honesty and enthusiasm are inspiring. Well done!

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