What To Tell a Friend or Loved One With a Cancer Diagnosis

What To Tell a Friend or Loved One With a Cancer Diagnosis

If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that traditional cancer treatment leaves a lot to be desired.  You see your friend or loved one marching off to war (an apt metaphor since many patients have PTSD after multiple rounds of chemo) and you want to tell them . . . NO, DON'T, there’s a better way!  And you struggle to get the words out and maybe give them the following arguments followed by the predictable responses:


1.  There are natural treatments that don’t harm the body, why don’t you do those first?


---  Because my doctor said this is very aggressive and I need to act on it right away.


2.  But the alternative natural treatments actually have better statistics and results.  It’s like 90% effective vs. 50% or lower for chemo, radiation and radical surgery.


---  If it were that good, then every doctor would be doing it.


3.  No, not every doctor would be doing it, because modern medicine is completely money driven.  It’s just a business to them.


---  You’re crazy.  No way I’m going to trust my life to something that’s not licensed or governed.


Then fear would take over, both the patient’s fear and the fear that’s been placed upon them by their doctor. You are viewed as the enemy of science and the unsupportive family member that needs to be avoided.


This is the scenario I’ve faced dozens of times and it’s left me feeling helpless and guilty not to mention overwhelmed.  So what is the answer?  How do we talk about cancer and treatment options without the loved one going to DEFCON 5 immediately?


To be clear . . . this is an extremely charged issue with layers upon layers of understanding that nobody can get right away.  They just can’t!  To understand that Big Pharma absolutely CONTROLS the medical landscape is beyond most peoples’ comprehension.  From medical journals to med schools to the FDA, Big Pharma controls it all with money, lobbyists, and laws that ban everything that competes.  Doctors are the willing lap dogs mostly because they will lose their license if they don’t do what they’re told.  But also because they are overwhelmed and don’t have time to research the latest treatment options.


So here’s the way you communicate . . . you beat the medical industry at its own game.  You start the process of layering in the truth.  It’s evolutionary and takes time, so if you go to far too fast, then back off and just let each layer sink in until your loved one finally gets it for themselves.


Step 1

You want the latest and the greatest in cancer treatment, right?  Are you aware of the fact that the FDA is so ultra cautious with introducing new treatments that it can take up to 10 years to bring a new method to the table?  Things that have passed clinical trials with flying colors, but are not used by your doctor and not yet available widely are:


*Hyperthermia (focused heat)

*Cryoablation (freezing)

*Ozone Therapy  (delivering Oxygen to the blood)

*IV Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids

*Cannabis  (government buried these trials in the 70’s)

*Nutrition   (maybe not clinical trials, but the work of Colin Campbell is undeniable . . . the connection between cancer and diet is foolproof.  The China Study, his first breakthrough showed that certain regions had no cancer based on what those people were eating.  Multiple studies have been done since including Dr. John Kelley, and many others.)


These are all available now if you want them.


Step 2

Ronald Reagan is just one of the millions that have gone to Germany to get treatment.  He successfully treated his colon cancer in the 70s though it was kept a secret.  You can come to your own conclusion as to why, but it’s a big world out there and if we’re going to effectively treat something that can kill us, then we owe it to ourselves to get the latest and the greatest that is being done worldwide.  Where can you see this, they may ask?  Why there’s a film out on Amazon Prime Videos called CANCER CAN BE KILLED, that details the latest treatment methods both here and abroad.  (DVD’s are also available at cancercanbekilled.com.)  This I have found to be the single greatest weapon in the fight against the fear driven medical industry.  If people can see the truth for themselves, that in fact all these 15 success stories were faced with the same dilemma – Do what the doctor says and face dire consequences OR use common sense to fix the problem non-toxically.  (Full disclosure – I made the film, it was my quest for answers and an effort to provide irrefutable visual evidence for the skeptics.)  The result is the viewer seems to slowly come to an understanding!  Not one person I have shown it to has said, “I don’t believe it.”   Now a lot have not seen the documentary film and I get it . . . not everyone is ready for trusting their gut and foregoing the Doctor in the white coat and all their so-called “expertise.”  But every patient I know who has seen the film has had a change of life and understanding.


Step 3

Weave in the bigger truths as time allows:


*Cancer is a symptom of something being out of balance.  Restore the body to balance and cancer goes away. 


*We are in charge of our bodies and minds; nobody can give us the answers on the outside that we ourselves need to find.


*Nutrition isn’t just an adjunct . . . it’s the whole enchilada.  It’s the key to us thriving physically, mentally and spiritually.


*Things have changed in society.  Whether it’s the media, medicine, or information . . . it’s all money driven.  We have to team up with other healthy people that want to thrive to find out how to overcome every obstacle.  Every article we read, every visit to the doctor, everything has to be sifted through to find who stands to make money from that particular thought or imperative.  And if that is contrary to something we know in our gut, then we have to keep searching for what works.


Sadly not everyone can be reached.  It’s one of life’s harsh realities.  But if there’s just a little bit of openness, you can get them started on the road to real healing.  Then they can start to connect with other amazing people that have made the same breakthroughs.  My wife and I have been on this journey for 2 ½ years ever since she got her cancer diagnosis.  We were given the same pitch . . . organ removal followed by chemo and radiation with a 50% chance of survival.  Instead we went to Germany and now made a film to give everyone the same opportunity we had.  I hope it works for you.

What To Tell a Friend or Loved One With a Cancer Diagnosis







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Alyssia Sadé
By Alyssia Sadé
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6 years ago

Great article, spot on and much needed

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