Use daily activities to change and enrich life!

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How It Works

Chop Wood Carry Water was a bestselling classic in the day - the premise? Take an activity we’re already doing and do it mindfully, do it with intention, do it with whatever energy we want more of. Most of us have some rituals we practice at least twice a day, every day, now we just pair a thought, intention or action to the activity we're already doing. For example - brushing teeth, showering, opening the car door, washing hands, waiting for the traffic light, before reading a text, the first sip of anything - the possibilities are endless. If we want more gratitude in life, we use the steps of our “ritual” of brushing teeth to include thinking of three things we’re grateful for. Or if we want to release what no longer serves us in life - when we spit, we spit! Imagine every time we swish and spit all that’s ready to be released goes right down the drain! It's life enriching and we didn't need to carve out an extra second. Waiting at the traffic light in the car or on the corner waiting to cross is a perfect time. Instead of getting impatient, we can use it as a moment to give ourselves, a much needed moment, and take three deep breaths. Just that. So simple, but very effective - like tiny frequent reps in our emotional fitness exercise program.


Easy Neither easy
nor hard
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Sometimes life was too busy and sometimes I didn't have the energy and sometimes I plain forgot, but at the end of the day, I just wasn't doing what I knew I needed to be doing. It was a cycle often ending with me promising tomorrow would be different. Tomorrow I would carve out 20 minutes! Tomorrow my self-care wouldn't be the last thing on the list! And yet. I couldn't seem to carve out any time in my day, even though I knew very well, meditating or some practice would actually help me find time. This was a vicious cycle which didn't seem to have any way out - or in. One day I was standing in the shower watching the water go down the drain, thinking how great it would it be if I could wash all my "internal stuff" while I was at it. Emotional multi-tasking! The next day I imagined exactly that! Now, every time I shower, I use it to clean the outside and clear the insides. Like making my bed, such a little change, but it sets a whole different and better tone for the day.

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