Wild Orange Essential Oil + Water = Energy


How It Works

Wild Orange is a popular citrus oil used to cleanse, purify and stimulate the body, protect against seasonal and environmental treats and support healthy immune function. It is energizing, uplifting, tastes great and provides essential antioxidants that help maintain overall health.

What You’ll Need

  • doTERRA Wild Orange Essential Oil. Note: Due to purity scandal from Amazon, EBay, etc. only get these oils from a wellness advocate you personally know. These amazon merchants will tell you that their products are legit, but you really do not know.


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


My son Skyler, 14 years old, just made the junior varsity basketball team. We are very proud of him. It was uncertain if he was good enough to make the team. But he put in a lot of extra time doing upper body and core strengthening training and his hard work paid off. I can tell you being a 5 feet 8 inch, 14 year old, is not enough.


We have him on a specific wellness program. However, without him knowing, I decided to put one drop of doTERRA Wild Orange Essential Oil in his water bottle (not plastic) to have while he played basketball yesterday. I figured he would not even notice. When he came home from his basketball practice, he thanked me for his great tasting water and said that it gave him more energy and he played better. I was happily surprised that he would even bring it up.


Drink Filtered Water


Warning: Do not use a plastic bottle with any citrus oils


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