Cod Liver Oil + Black Elderberry = Immune Support


How It Works

As the season shifts from Summer to Autumn it is easy to fall prey to the surge of infections that occurs in the colder weather. In the anticipation of cold and flu season it is sensible to strengthen our immune systems and ward off infection. My cure all, immune boosting, remedy features the seriously undervalued: Cod Liver Oil and Black Elderberry syrup!

To try this remedy you can consume these dietary supplements in capsule, or liquid form. I usually fill a spoon half full of cod liver oil and then pour black elderberry syrup into it until the spoon is full - and then swallow!

The reasons this remedy works:

One of the most surefire ways to support immune support function is to ensure high levels of vitamin D in the body. A single teaspoon of cod liver oil provides 113% of your daily requirements for vitamin D, and 90% of your daily requirements for vitamin A. And! If you already have a cold, vitamin D will even help get rid of it. 

Black Elderberry is a natural remedy with antiviral properties - specifically efficient at targeting strains of influenza. It also reduces the duration of flu symptoms (once infected) to 3-4 days. 


Black Elderberry may be one of the most commonly used herbs for immune health, and – fortunately – it is also quite delicious. I generally buy the brand Sambucol, which is made from black elderberries that have twice the natural antioxidant capacity of blueberries and more than 50% the overall antioxidant capability of cranberries. If you struggle with the fishy taste of cod liver oil you can find lemon flavored cod liver oil in health food stores AND, when combined with Sambucol, the black elderberry will mask the taste!

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As a child I was fed this concoction by my mother, as it is particularly effective in preventing upper respiratory tract infections in kids, during the colder months of the year. Currently, I am on my study abroad semester in Europe and while traveling, adjusting to a different climate, time zone, and shifting sleep habits I have felt particularly susceptible to colds. To boost my immune system I am referring back to this miracle working medley -



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