Childhood Cancer Treatment – Beyond Chemo


How It Works

Few know that children already in remission from cancer are forced into long term 2-4 years of chemotherapy, with the argument being that it keeps cancer away. But the reality is that these children suffer organ failure, brain damage, relapse and death. Flipping The Script is a documentary that found those brave parents that fought the system and WON. They got their children out of long term chemo and found a better way to keep cancer away that involves Nutrition, Detox, Cannabis Oil and Testing to find out what the body needs. Viewers see the drama these families go through and the doctors and specialists who believe in their choice.

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I finished the film Cancer Can Be Killed about natural cancer treatment being more effective than chemo and started getting calls from parents that wanted the same for their children. Upon further examination, no doctor, lawyer or hospital would allow them to do it. We literally had to forge our way through the darkness to get it done. There's no doubt about it . . . adding toxins to the body like chemo and radiation make no sense scientifically and these children's health is only proving the value of strengthening the body with natural treatments.

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