Heliopsis Longipes Extract for Bug Bite Relief

Heliopsis Longipes Extract for Bug Bite Relief

How It Works

Spray the heliopsis longipes root extract onto your bug bites for instant and lasting relief. You won't have the urge to itch after and it helps the swelling and redness go down!. I use this one by Hopsis (it's the only one I've ever seen but I assume there are others out there too!).

What You’ll Need

  • Heliopsis Longipes Root Extract (Hopsis)


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Jennifer New
By Jennifer New
35 - Community Member
6 years ago

Hi Heidi, Where can I buy Hopsis in the US? Or do you know of another product that has heliopsis langipes? I'm game for ANYTHING that helps mosquito bites. Thanks! --jn

Heidi Sloane
By Heidi Sloane
1040 - Community Leader
6 years ago

I'm not sure! I moved to Mexico City three years ago, and have only seen it here... but I just assumed someone / some brand would be selling it in the US. Maybe try asking at your local health food store? Good luck!

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