Onsite Workshops changes lives

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How It Works

Onsite Workshops is considered by many in the therapeutic and personal growth world as the gold standard, designed to help people, couples, and even families experience breakthroughs in their patterns and help them chart a better, more fulfilling future. I attended the weeklong (7 days!) workshop called Living Centered--their basic program to help heal and repair past hurts, childhood and adult traumas that affect people's lives. They promise huge changes in ones psyche and emotions, and they delivered--its one of the best things I've ever done for myself, and Id encourage anyone to go there.

What You’ll Need

  • Book a week or weekend at Onsite Workshop, online.
  • courage and commitment
  • Willingness to change and open up


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


I boarded a flight to Nashville and drove 45 minutes into the wilderness of Tennessee. I was scared out of my wits---so scared, I couldn't even attend the first night welcome dinner. There we were--45 strangers, all looking for the same thing---inner peace, motivation, recovery, determination, happiness---whatever we could get to help improve or lives. Over the main gathering room is a giant sign--"Trust the Process"--and I had absolutely no faith in that vague slogan. Until Bill Lokey, the executive director, began to speak. He spoke about positive intention, forgiveness, strength,grace, compassion, your inner child, and already I was hooked. Over the next 7 days we worked in small groups of 5-7 people, each group with one therapist. She was sensational, as all the therapists/group leaders are. They were so inventive and creative and brilliant; we did psycho-dramas, wrote, hit pillows with foam mallets, cried, talked, laughed, shared, ate, played games---and we all healed and renewed our hope and determination. Most of all, we learned about ourselves and a better path to personal happiness and fulfillment.

I dont want to say too much, because everyones experience is different--but go to their website--WWW.ONSITEWORKSHOPS.COM.

They promise that you will "Discover a Better Future" and they deliver.

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Debbie Karol
By Debbie Karol
15 - Community Member
6 years ago

I too attended Onsite, it has been ten months since that amazing week, and life continues to get better every day regardless of outside circumstances. I think differently, my feelings are not as frightening to me and I found parts of me that I never knew existed.

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