Pilates is a Great Cure for Back Pain!


How It Works

There are a few pilates exercises that could help almost anyone with back pain.


  1. The first exercise is a roll up and roll down where each vertebrae is peeled off the mat one at a time and then going in the reverse direction from a lying position.


2. The 100 stomach exercise with straight or bent legs to get your core working.


3. Leg circle on a lying side position to loosen those hamstrings.


Please visit your closest pilates studio for matt instruction and ask for the instructor to write down a few exercise to do at home.



What You’ll Need

  • The floor with some cushioning or carpet.
  • knowledge of a few basic exercise


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


About 10 years ago after chasing little ones and picking up my children in a non correct way- I had thrown my back out and could not get out of bed.

After a few trips to the doctor's office, an MRI and a lot of Advil, I was living with a low level back pain every day that would present as hip or back pain.


Then at last, I tried pilates and these simple exercise really created space in my spine and I began to have pain free days. I ended up enrolling and completing a 1,000 hour pilates program in New York City at the studio called "True Pilates". It is classical pilates taught by Romana who was the main disciple from Joseph Pilates.


Now that I have my degree for the past 5 years and I am more armed to help myself and actually do not teach. However, what I have learned and what I practice most days, is the most basic exercises. These 3 exercises that I listed above are easy to learn, help the most, with no equipment necessary.

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