Heal Back Pain with an Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Pilates


How It Works

Heal back pain through diet, pilates and yoga.

The Arbonne diet is an anti-inflammatory diet that eliminates wheat, sugar, coffee, anything acidic like vinegar, alcohol and dairy. Although it sounds impossible, I was pretty much able to do the 30-day cleanse. The theory behind the back pain is that the colon is five feet long and presses against the spine. If it is inflamed it can obviously aggravate any spinal issues. The Arbonne diet, in addition to food restrictions, also provides a cleanse of your colon by adding fiber and a drink that helps with the process. If I get back pain again I would definitely go on the diet again.

I combined my diet with a two week, every day, session with my pilates instructor, Kevyn Zeller. Kevyn worked to realign my body and teach me essentially how to walk and stand properly. The constant daily work enabled my body to essentially relearn these basic activities we take for granted. These two things, combined with amazing neuromuscular massages and stretches by Nina Heller attributed to my complete recovery.


What You’ll Need

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • anti-inflammatory diet
  • neuromuscular massages


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


I struggled with debilitating back pain for almost two years. Four different doctors wanted to perform surgery on me ranging from a laminectomy to spinal fusion. Finally completely frustrated and in despair, I went on a 30 day Arbonne Cleanse combined with intense Pilates and Yoga. I have been 90 percent pain-free now for about a year. I am back to regular exercise, running and a normal diet. Not only did it clear my back, but I believe the anti-inflammatory diet also cleared up some skin issues including getting rid of a stubborn sun spot on my face.  

This is, I believe, something short of a miracle. I was in constant pain for two years straight. I tried acupuncture, chiropractic methods and a spinal block and nothing helped. I would return home from many different activities and simply lie on my back on the floor and cry. I couldn't sit for long periods, a movie was torture, and exercise was out of the question. Now I am running again and back to almost all of my activities...golf, which I think attribute to the problem, is something I plan to do more of this year.



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