Shamanic Wisdom Healed My Cancer on a Spiritual Level


How It Works

3 months after I was diagnosed with colon cancer stage IV in June 2015 and had tumor surgery I went to Bali to study Shamanic Wisdom in intensive studies (Foundation for Shamanic Studies founded by Dr. Michael Harner) and learnt the techniques of dream journeying, how to retrieve lost soul parts and how to eliminate intrusions (the Shamanic expression for negative and toxic energies that cause havoc in the body).


More Information on Shamanism and Cancer:


I have devised my own cancer protocol consisting of healthy organic nutrition, high quality supplements, eliminating all toxic relationships from my life (family members, so-called friends, clients, etc.) and consistently used Shamanic Dream Journeying to find remedies to all my emotional wounds from childhood. IT WORKED - my life changed completely...

What You’ll Need

  • A trained Shamanic teacher/practitioner


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


I was always fascinated talking to nature (trees) and animals when I was a kid. Unfortunately the world around me taught me to stop "dreaming" and start focusing on the "real" world (very bad advice as it turned out...). So I gave up my close connection to other realms. That lead me down the path of many wrong and dangerous roads, sideways and detours in my life until I got cancer. But after all I am grateful this "fate" hit me as it totally opened my eyes to what is really possible in terms of healing myself from old emotional woulds and stepping out of the Matrix of manufactured illusions.


While I was in hospital I already knew I had to find myself a Shaman for healing, yet Spirit decided I should become my own Shaman. Very quickly I found a suitable training modality in Bali and went there for intensive training for several months. What I learnt in these Shamanic training is absolutely invaluable to me now in my life. It truly opened doors to new realities and dimensions that I never thought were possible.


Becoming a Shamanic Practitioner may not be everyone's path or calling but everybody can learn how to do Shamanic Dream Journeying. In these focused journeys to other worlds you can bring back a lot of healing information that is not accessible to you in ordinary reality (this what Shamans call our "normal" crazy world). For years I tried meditation but never really like it as I found it quite boring. Once I learnt the art of Shamanic dream journeying I became totally hooked to this method as it opens the realms to very deep SOUL exploration.


If you are interested in learning more about Shamanism a great source for Shamanic Wisdom is the free channel

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