Tips for Boosting Your Libido

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One of our community members anonymously asked for tips on improving her libido (she mentioned that she's been experiencing a decreased libido and dryness since getting an IUD). We opened the question up to our Instagram followers and they shared these tips:

  • jamie.ferrellI: don’t know about the hormones, but in my personal experience I find it’s a use it or lose it thing. The longer going without, the easier it is! Likewise the more you engage in sexual activity, the more you want it. And coconut oil can help with the dryness. Also @sustain carries an organic all-natural lube 🙌
  • dreaming_about_this_: Essential Oils Clary Sage, Cypress, and Orange added to a carrier oil then used on inner thighs is Amazing!
  • blondiv: Essential oils all the way! Sandalwood, ylang ylang, lavender, rose. Few drops of each in a diffuser! I also take Ashwagandha. And on a personal note I too have an IUD and felt like you. I thought it was just me but now I know better. I’m not trying to preach or push or sell anything by I started the keto diet after a friend recommended it. I did it to start losing weight but my libido is like crazy high. I had mention this to her and she just smiled and said yea that’s how I got my husband on board.
  • justine.low30: Maca powder!!! Maca is a superfood derived from a ground Peruvian root vegetable. It has a delicious nutty, creamy flavor and has been used for thousands of years as a natural aphrodisiac. It has even been used to homeopathically treat erectile dysfunction in men. I add it to my morning smoothie every day!! And have turned many into its multi benefits. Let’s talk more openly about stamina!!!! 😊❤️🙏
  • pamelaellison: DHEA – ask your OB!



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These tips were crowdsourced in response to this instagram post, based on a community member's question (there might be some additional responses on the question page).

If you are looking for advice or suggestions, ask away! (You can even post questions anonymously if you'd like.)

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