A Life Balancing/Enhancing Guided Meditation


How It Works

Listen daily to this guided meditation. I call it the grid meditation. It takes you step by step how to connect to the energy of the earth or the grid and to then connect to the energy of the stars so that you become a conduit for good energy. It is only 19 minutes. Be consistent for best results. I have found when I do not listen for periods of time, I am more off balance, but when I listen daily, I feel great.


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What You’ll Need

  • computer or iphone to listen


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


I was introduced to Helen Barton several years ago by an energy healer. Helen channels a spirit named John the Beloved. While this might seem out there or "woo woo", I have referred many "mainstream" very grounded in reality friends to Helen who have been amazed by the insight and information received. John the Beloved is a benevolent spirit. He is like talking to a wise elder with a keen sense of humor. Rather than a psychic reading, John guides you by asking thoughtful questions. He makes suggestions. And while you can come away with many psychic predictions that mostly come true-- energy is always shifting so nothing is concrete, the session is really about helping you to evolve and let go of issues. He is also great at helping you make decisions.


I came across this meditation on Helen's site. Something about it sparked a curiosity. I found it at a time when I was very stressed. I started listening daily and I noticed with each listening, I felt better and better. Eventually I realized I was in the most balanced space I had been in ages. After two months I started to tire or I think I thought I was so great and balanced that I no longer needed it. BUT, after about a month, I noticed I had slipped. Things were getting to me much more easily. I was not able to brush off fears, worries etc. They were weighing me down. I still did not return to the meditation until a young friend who I had shared the meditation with months earlier, text me out of the blue to tell me she was doing it daily and it had changed her life. She had been very stressed with school, teen age angst-- my mother is mean, etc. type issues and she no longer was in that dark space. Hello. I got my message and I started listening again...daily and guess what? I feel fabulous...again. This meditation works and I hope everyone takes the time to listen and relax. Breathe...

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Devorah Medwin
By Devorah Medwin
205 - Explorer
1 year ago

Wonderful, will return again and again, thanks!

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