Visualize Your Way to a Balanced Life

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How It Works

Place your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your lower abdomen. Breathe deeply for a few breaths. Then take note of your emotions. What do you sense? Anger, fear, sadness, disappointment, arrogance? Take a moment to sense what you are feeling.

Then start to see the emotions leaving your body through your feet and into the earth. Give them away. Let the earth absorb the toxicity.

When you feel they have left or you have sufficiently emptied your body, visualize a star a few feet above your head. This star belongs only to you. See white light emanating from the star and beam it down into your crown chakra or into you head. Move the white light down your body, filling every crevice. When you get to your feet, see the white light cocoon your whole body and just hold the light for a minute or two...or long as you like.

Do this visualization daily and be amazed with how much this will help you to achieve balance in your life. By balance, I mean-- no more roller coaster of emotions. Instead peace, calm and a deep knowing that all is ok.


What You’ll Need

  • a quiet place


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


A wonderful healer/intuitive named Helen Barton taught me this visualization at a time when I felt very unbalanced. My emotions were all over the place. She advised me to do it daily and I have-- every day for the last three months. Not a day goes by where I do not take a few minutes to create the visual. And it is so easy and effective that I plan on continuing indefinitely!! I am truly amazed with how much it has helped me!!

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