Australian Bush Flower Emergency Essence Eases Anxiety


How It Works

Australian Bush Flower Essences are homepathic remedies made by adding the vibrational essence of plants to brandy. Emergency Essence is excellent for easing anxiety.

You simply put 7 drops under the tongue as needed and within minutes, you will feel your body start to relax and your breath deepen.

What You’ll Need


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


I work with an amazing energy healer. Her name is Jenny Lethbridge. She often "prescribes" Audtralian Bush Flower Essences to help shift emotional blocks. I say "prescribes" because she suggests what to take for a particular issue, but they do not require a prescription to purchase. To order custom combinations go to, but for general anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed, the Bush Flower Emergency Essence is my go to and available on amazon.


I am currently expereincing high anxiety as a loved one was just diagnosed with a lfe threatening disease and Emergency Essence is seeing me through this rough time. I truly feel the calming effect. It slows my breathing and relaxes me. It restores my balance.

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