Avoid Burn-Blisters with a Slice of Tomato

Photo by Thomas Martinsen on Unsplash

How It Works

If you accidentally burn yourself (I'm talking minor burns, ie: OUCH, I touched a hot pot!), run cold water over the burn and immediately after put a freshly sliced slice of tomato onto the burn (with the fleshy inside touching the burn). Leave it on the burn, with light pressure from your hand (or wrap it on), for around 10 minutes. The tomato should feel cool on your skin AND, more importantly, the lycopene from the tomato will help avoid blistering.

What You’ll Need

  • fresh (raw) tomato
  • cool water
  • 10 minutes


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


I burned my hand on a hot pot while working in a cafe and the chef came running over with a slice of tomato, telling me to put it on the burn, hold, and wait 10 minutes. It seemed kind of bizarre (he provided no explanation) but I tried it. The tomato provided some soothing, cooling relief – which could just be chalked up to the cool temperature of the tomato – but, sure enough, my burn didn't blister. I googled it later on and discovered that the reason it works is that tomatoes contain lycopene, which naturally reduces the heat of minor burns and thus soothes the skin and helps to avoid blistering.

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