Bed Bug Bite Treatments

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How It Works

Run a hot bath. While the bath is filling, put 1/8 cup of oats in your reusable tea bag, along with a teaspoon of your dried herbs or a couple drops of essential oils to help create a soothing environment. Get in the bath, and make sure your bag of oats is closed so you don't make a huge mess. Let the oats "boil" in the bath as you soak. You'll notice the water turns a little murky, don't worry, it is supposed to! If you have bites on your chest or neck that aren't submerged, occasionally squeeze the water out of the bag directly onto your itchy bites. Enjoy your bath (trust me--its necessary to try and relax as much as possible). When you get out of the bath, rub vitamin E oil all over your skin to help healing and prevent scarring. I found putting this on right before bed helped me mentally too, as I could fall asleep because I could pretend that I was too slippery to get bitten.

What You’ll Need

  • reusable tea bag
  • oatmeal
  • vitamin e oil
  • essential oils or dried herbs of your choice (optional, just for smell)


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


My building unfortunately got bed bugs, and I have found these little things helped with the itch!


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