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Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss is a true story. Dr. Brian Weiss was the head of psychiatry at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami. He was a distinguished doctor, Ivy educated. He had a patient wracked by anxieties he could not cure. The anxieties were debilitating. As a last resort, he hypnotized her and when he did, all these stories of past lives came out. At the end of each life time, she spoke about a white light and then the "masters" would speak through her. They spoke of Dr. Weiss' life and his loss of a son and his father-- information his patient would not have known. Risking his reputation, Dr. Weiss recorded these sessions and published them. The book has sold millions of copies and he is now the most renowned Past Life Regressionist.

Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani is another true story of a near death experience. Anita died and then came back to life with so many lessons and wisdom to share. She also came back completely cancer free-- astonishing all the medical professionals who have examined her since.

Both books help those dealing with the loss of a loved one as they document that life does not end with death. Life is a continuum. Our bodies may be temporary, but our souls are eternal. At death, we simply move on to the next adventure or opportunity to learn and evolve.

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Years ago, my close friend lost her father. Someone gave her Brian Weiss' book and it provided much comfort. Although I had not lost someone close to me, she thought I might enjoy it and randomly dropped it off for me as a gift. At the time, I was dealing with a toxic mold illness and in the rabbit maze of going from doctor to doctor with not much help or direction. I had yet to turn towards alternative treatments. I devoured the book in 2 hours. Also, after reading, all I wanted was to speak to my masters. As luck would have it...or serendipity or as intended...I met a spiritual healer two weeks later and have been guided by my "masters" ever since-- or as my healer likes to say-- "our loving, healing, spirit guides." Meeting this healer, facilitated by reading this book marks the start of my recovery and passion for health and wellness.

Anita Moorjani's book was similarly given to me as a gift and like Brian Weiss' words, I devoured all she had to say, but this time instead of reading as if hearing it for the first time, her story reaffirmed and expanded on all I had learned and continue to learn.

Both books provide so much comfort when faced with loss, challenges or what ever obstacle may be crossing the path. They help one to step out of the minutia and see the bigger picture as to why we are here and that life is not as steeped in the tangible and rationale as we are groomed from birth to believe. There is a great big universe out there waiting for us to give them a signal to come on in and help! And when we do ask for help, they are there. You simply have to believe and trust.

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