Everyday Healing with Energy Healer Jenny Lethbridge

Photo by Aleksandr Ledogorov on Unsplash

How It Works

On July 20th, Nutmeg Aspirin hosted the first of hopefully many “ Healing Talks” with energy healer, Jenny Lethbridge. Here is a link to a recording of this talk.

Listen to Jenny as she offers tips like breathing, grounding and energy clearing for everyday healing. Around the 45 minute mark, relax and enjoy a beautiful, guided meditation/visualization. All who listen will receive wondrous “channeled” energy.

After the talk, one listener was so overcome with emotion. She wrote that she could not stop crying and couldn’t understand why. While the explanation is not covered during this “talk” the answer is that the energy brings deep rooted emotions to the surface to be released. Crying was a release or part of the process— like taking out the trash to make room for the good. Her feedback the following day— “...not sure how I feel yet, but much calmer than I have been.” Then she listened to the guided meditation and immediately wrote, “...I feel so amazing.”

Given what is going on in the world right now, we are increasing our efforts to support everyone in their healing process and perhaps for some—introduce the concept of “healing” for the first time.

Jenny can be reached at apptswithjenny@gmail.com. She offers private sessions as well as twice weekly group healings.

You can also enjoy this healing meditation by Jenny, similarly encoded with wondrous, healing energy.


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