Calendula Prevents Acne Scars

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How It Works

Calendula is a flower in the marigold family that has been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and antioxidant. It is great for so many skin issues and for acne, it truly helps prevent scarring.

You can use either a lotion, ointment or soap that has calendula in it as an ingredient.

Simply, apply to acne prone areas once a day.


What You’ll Need


Easy Neither easy
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My son has acne. He has tried many different treatments and like most hormonal teenagers, there are days when it is so much better and then, overnight it all comes back. Acne is so hard to control despite diet changes and consistent face washing-- well almost consistent as teenage boys are not known for hygiene discipline or strict diets!

Recently, my son has been taking chinese herbs prescribed by a chinese doctor. These seem to be really helping, but acne scarring is always a huge concern. We know he will grow out of this stage, but we worry about potential scars.

Two years ago, a healer we work with suggested he use calendula to prevent scarring. We were advised to apply it to his acne daily. It does not matter whether you use a calendula bar of soap, cream or ointment. We were told, the key is to apply calendula to the skin. And now after two years of (almost) consistent use, I am so happy to report that he has NO SCARRING. He still gets acne but there is no lasting damage. PHEW!

Calendula is such an easy remedy and it works!

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