Sudocrem, A Fast Acting Acne Fix


How It Works

First, do not be put off by this thick white cream. Hard to fathom that something that looks like it would cause a major breakout helps thwart and minimize one, but trust me...Sudocrem works!!


Slather it on any problem area before going to bed. The zinc in the cream does not rub in well so don't bother trying. Go to sleep and in the morning rinse off any residue and then notice the difference. It over night eliminates the flare up. The redness will be gone and you will notice after several nights less whiteheads and blackheads.


Sudocrem is a quick fix. It does not resolve acne as a chronic issue, but it is a great "go to" for looking better!!!

What You’ll Need

  • Sudocrem


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


A friend from England who uses Sudocrem as her "it can heal anything" solution, suggested I use it on my son who has terrible acne. She knows I am remiss to give him an antibiotic or Accutane because of all the risks. My kids have two friends who had serious reactions to Accutane and both had to leave school because of the depressive side effects of the drug. And antibiotics, well... we all seem to know that we are already way overexposed and taking them disrupts the micro-biome.


Having tried everything on his face from apple cider vinegar, probiotic creams, special products formulated for acne, salicylic acid, toners, black charcoal soap, glycolic peels, aloe, the only thing that seems to have an immediate effect has been the Sudocrem. All the others require time and consistency which can be challenging when working with a 15 year old boy who has to be reminded to brush his teeth. And there is no chance of his claiming he did it, when he did not. You know when he has applied the cream. It is self evident.


I encourage anyone struggling with acne to give it a try. It really works and since he has been using it, I have noticed far fewer whiteheads and almost all his blackheads are gone.


Good luck!

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Jamie Ferrell
By Jamie Ferrell
940 - Ambassador
6 years ago

Nice! I've never seen this cream. Is it available at basic drugstores?

Mara Landis
By Mara Landis
1445 - Community Leader
6 years ago

I ordered on Amazon. It is essentially diaper rash cream!

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