Calm Patches Calm the Body, Mind and Spirit


How It Works

Calm Patches are water-based blister patches that are infused with a calming energy. The body entrains to the energy of the patch and the patch calms and lifts the spirit. Just peel off the bottom adhesive. Apply to the bottom of your foot or anywhere on the body (but be mindful that they are a bandaid and avoid areas of the body with more hair). The patch works for 8 hours.

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I was away with my family and feeling very depressed. We had dinner plans with another family and I sent my kids on ahead so I could try to get myself together. I put on two patches and as my husband and I were walking to dinner, I noticed the depression lifted off of me. We ended up having the best evening and we stayed out late with our friends hanging out at the hotel bar-- talking and laughing. It was that night that I knew these patches were real. I now use them all the time whether to ease the stress of day to day life and definitely if I know I have to be sharp and “on” or if I want to enhance my energy when I am engaging socially. If you are curious as to how the patch works, read about Dr. Emoto's experiments energizing water! To purchase:

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Alison Baker
By Alison Baker
70 - Community Member
7 years ago

I have been using the calm patches daily for a few months and have found that the consistency helps keep me feeling more balanced. I give them to friends and my kids, especially around exams.

Heidi Sloane
By Heidi Sloane
1040 - Community Leader
7 years ago

Interesting... do you know of any DIY versions of this?

Mara Landis
By Mara Landis
1445 - Community Leader
7 years ago

I suppose DIY would be meditation or listening to calming music, taking deep breaths, but to be honest, putting on a patch is so easy and lasts for 8 hours. The energy is amazing and even if one does not connect with the idea that they are "energized" the placebo effect is well documented. Nothing ever feels overwhelming or extreme despite the circumstances when I am wearing them.

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