Cannabis Infused Tiger Balm Heals Aches and Pain


How It Works

If you have access to medical marijuana, cannabis infused Tiger balm works miracles!!! I like Mary's Medicinals or whatever brand you can find will work. There are many variations.


Simply rub on the sore area and the pain dissipates very quickly and in my case, my pain completely went away after a few days of continued use.


As for getting high from the ointment or cream, sorry but you don't:-) It has no effect in that department.

What You’ll Need


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


We were in Colorado and I did something to my back skiing. I could barely move. I was in so much pain. As "Apothecaries" are abundant in Colorado, I decided to wander in and ask if there was anything that would help. They told me to use Mary's Medicinal Tiger Balm and it worked!! I have tried other brands since then with success so the brand does not matter. It is the cannabis in the cream or ointment that does the trick.


Update: I just discovered another brand I like is available for purchase over the internet. Apothecanna. Try extra strength Relieving Cream.

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