DIY Collagen Face Mask Recipe

DIY Collagen Face Mask Recipe
Photo by Oliver Zenglein on Unsplash

How It Works

The mask is simple: 

Just whisk together egg whites and then spread the mixture over your face until it dries.

Wash it off with warm water after 15-20 minutes.

Trying to combat acne can be one hell of a battle, especially if you're exhausting all medical options. But one all-natural route is an egg white mask. The treatment has gained popularity thanks to the collagen and protein found in egg whites, which combat skin inflammation. Egg whites can also draw oil from your pores and tighten your skin, which will aid in delivering a cleansing glow!

What You’ll Need

  • Egg White


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Ceci Jayo
By Ceci Jayo
240 - Explorer
5 years ago

This sounds AWESOME and so easy! Thanks for sharing!

Heidi Sloane
By Heidi Sloane
1040 - Community Leader
5 years ago

Do you think it's okay to use cleanser after (to wash off the egg smell)? Or would that undermine the effects of the mask?

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