Garlic & Honey ward off the common cold


How It Works

Local honey is a known immune booster although if you don’t eat honey, you can substitute with coconut nectar. 

Chop a small clove of garlic and let it mix with the oxygen in the air for a few minutes to release the properties of the garlic that are most beneficial to you.

Mix in the garlic with a small teaspoon of honey. Chase it with two glasses of water. I do this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to stay healthy during the cold & flu season.


What You’ll Need


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


I am an LMT and a RYT. I work in a busy clinic and a yoga studio and see private clients throughout the day.

I have to stay healthy if I'm going to be helping people feel good in their bodies.

With the cold and flu season upon us, I feel it is imperative to strengthen the immune system to fight all the pathogens in the air. 

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