Ginger to both combat and ward off the flu


How It Works

My favorite way to use ginger is to boil fresh, sliced ginger in water, letting it cool to warm, and add raw local honey (or coconut nectar). Squeeze in fresh organic lemon for the extra vitamin C. Note: raw honey is very effective for cold symptoms, but less so if it’s boiled, so keep your beverage warm, but not hot. And I highly recommend local, because some of the commercial honeys are made where the bees are fed high fructose corn syrup.

Ginger has both antiviral and anti-nausea properties, making it ideal for colds, but also for the stomach flu. I make this drink during the cold & flu season to keep the flu symptoms at bay, even before they start.

What You’ll Need

  • Fresh Ginger root, raw local honey, fresh organic lemon


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


I am an LMT and RYT and work in a busy clinic with lots of patients and also a busy gym and I work with many clients directly one on one throughout the day, I have to stay healthy if I'm going to be helping people feel good in their bodies. I have read about this in one of my many health newsletter back in the day and modified it a bit to make it more my own. I implemented it many years ago and I do not get sick during the cold & flu season.


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