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I have used these two books as the bible for my continued cancer free good health. The first one was a gift from a friend while I was still in treatment and is a wonderful short resource for understanding which foods to focus on buying and eating that fight different kinds of cancers based on legitimate studies. It is from the website. And is available by download now. It is called the Alphabetical Beat Cancer Diet: An A-Z Guide to the Top Anti Cancer Foods by Susan Silberstein, PhD.

The second book is called Foods To Fight Cancer: Essential foods to help prevent cancer by Richard Beliveau PhD. It is highly technical and detailed and offers excellent lists of foods to eat based on their cancer fighting properties and why. The research is compelling. They are now my bibles. Make them yours!

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I had stage four Hodgkins Lymphoma and endured a grueling 7 months of chemo and radiation in 2016. I am now and continue to be cancer free. I wish I had been informed on the true science behind foods and their cancer fighting abilities earlier in my treatment and frankly earlier in life. I now refer to the beat cancer mini booklet often as a reminder of the fruits and vegetables to buy and incorporate into my meals at home and have shared it with many undergoing cancer treatment. You know the old saying: an ounce of prevention. What angers me about traditional cancer treatment at even the best cancer hospitals is that most fail to educate their patients on how critical the diet can be in the healing process and curing process. When I met with the nutritionist at Dana Farber all she did (for the $650 out of pocket fee) was give me recipes of smoothies. I looked at the idiotic sheet and thought to myself, "Seriously? I dragged myself in here for this meeting and this is all she has for me?". In truth I was too nauseated to deal with any kind of food most of the time but when I was able to eat, i began forcing foods that I knew could benefit my kind of cancer.

As I began reading the Foods to Fight Cancer book and got a better understanding of the science, proven, that drives cancer cell death of various kinds of cancer by certain kinds of specific foods, such as Broccoli and colon cancer I finally got it. Unfortunately most people are just told, "eat your broccoli" but if you are not told why you may not bother to eat it or any of ones in it's sister family of cruciferous vegetables . Make these guides your bibles and they could help you live a longer healthier life or even maintain a cancer free status longer. In my prior post I wrote about my horrid year long journey trying to get any doctor to listen to me as I told THEM I thought I was presenting with the symptoms of Lymphoma. Read it now if you have not as I believe you must be assertive and informed and demanding in order to be taken seriously and not overlooked. And I believe the patient is often more likely to take the time to research their own issues. In hindsight I keep asking myself what I could have done differently to have gotten to a diagnosis sooner? The only answer I have that I can pass on to anyone reading this is demand a full body cat scan or get one done yourself if you feel you are in the same boat and no doctor will order one for you, as was my case. In the meanwhile, you are what you eat so eat the anti cancer foods first!

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