Breathing Exercises to Release Anxiety before Holidays!

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How It Works

Hello Everyone,

Happy Holidays! What a wonderful time of the year! It is great to be with those that we love so much!

But many times, they are the same people who know how to push our buttons! So, here it is what I would love to share with you: a series of 3 short Yoga exercises that you can do to RELEASE ANXIETY.

Kundalini Yoga is great because it can be so prescriptive like that! Another major reason why I love it so much!!

You can watch a video where I explain how to do it here. Each exercise is about 1 min, so it is a quick set. If you have time, after the exercises, drink some water, listen to some calm music, or meditate. I truly hope this helps.

Also, keep in mind, when our buttons are pushed, it is a lot more about ourselves than the other way around. Why did you get trigger? In mindfulness is all about the moment and everything soon will pass, nothing last forever. The celebration will end and you will be back to your regular routine soon.

Any questions, please let me know.

Peace, Light & Love to All!

Sat Nam!



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