Healing Lyme

Healing Lyme

How It Works

This has been a very long and challenging road. With all challenge comes great wisdom and appreciation for the things we take for granted. Lyme has been my teacher in every way. I must insist that you be patient with your own journey. I believe this worked because I committed and still commit everyday to allowing my body to heal. That means I cut out ALL and I mean all bullshit. If it isn't serving my healing, wellness and well-being then its not acceptable in my life. I committed in every single way to consume and nourish every part of my being. The result was healing in every way. I describe below why I suggest the supplements below, however you can't just take the supplements. You have to create a connection to your body and mind. You have to learn to listen. To rest when you need to. This was a protocol developed by myself and a friend when I was really losing hope after every treatment that was supposed to work. We took the top treatments alternative doctors were using with success for people living with major illness. As we dug deeper on the top supplements there was a recurring protocol that became our game plan for the next year. No more doctors just faith and low and behold .... that and commitment worked better then anything I had done in the 8 years prior. I pray this saves you time as its the most precious gift we have. I look back on the time that I spent sick and although I am grateful for this disease in all its teachings, perhaps the meaning was so you dont have to suffer for as long.

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If you have Lyme I am sure you have heard every story under the sun. I became drawn to other peoples stories to beg the question... how were they healing, how did they beat it. Perhaps I was dying of something different and I was wrong. Maybe it was MS, Parkinsons or cancer. I had every test done from 2 lumbar punctures, MRIs, blood tests, bone marrow biopsy when the doctors thought I did have cancer because my white blood cells were dropping to dangerously low levels. I saw every doctor there was, every specialist and even Lyme Literate doctors (with even the best intentions) were cashing in on the epidemic. No one knew what the hell they were talking about. I was on handfuls of medication to suppress (not treat) the awful symptoms of this disease. I was on stimulants for attention and memory as I had alzheimers like symptoms getting lost going home from the store a mile away and forgetting people who had been in my life for years. I had almost no short term memory and sometimes couldnt remember words at all. I was on pain medication, muscle relaxers for the spasms in my legs, Valium for anxiety, handfuls of antibiotics... you get the idea. The psychological damage that Lyme carries is that you dont always look "sick" and I would be skin and bones in tremendous pain and people would say well "you look great". urgg. I was bit by two tiny ticks on an organic farm and thought I was allergic to doxycycline. I was placed on amoxicillin for far to short a time and so began a crazy winding road to recovery.

I had had enough. I was getting depressed, sicker and medication and doctors were doing more damage... I could feel it. It was time to take matters into my own hands. I was tired of being sick and tired. I was tired of doctors whipping out their pad with no real understanding of this disease. In my opinion any doctor who is treating this illness or having any opinion without any real understanding should not be practicing medicine. I could go on and on about the CDC and the medical system needing an update, but this is about your healing. Allow me to digress.

I had a PICC line in my arm 3 summers ago. I was at a local health food store when I met Greg. Greg was passionate about nutrition and I owe so much of my healing to him and his patience with me asking him 1000 time to explain to me again how it worked and why I was doing the protocols he suggested.

While I will leave it to you to explore the benefits of the supplements suggested for your path to healing, here is a short list of why and how these things work.

Liposomal C and Glutathione 5-10 packets a day. Its like an IV in a packet. Allows nutrients to be absorbed into the system faster than digestion alone. Will not leave you with intestinal distress because it bypasses the whole system and gets absorbed quickly (at one point I was taking 15 packets a day of C) I beat the flu with C last winter... just saying this stuff is potent and works on a cellular level from the inside out and the outside in. Bacteria has no chance of hiding

Iodine... DETOX read the iodine book by Dr. Brownstein it is alot of information but and easy read everyone should read this book . (side note ... I herxed big time when I first started taking iodine and needed to start much slower. 1-2 drops to start see how you feel and move up from there. I also have hypothyroidism that was suspected to have come about with lyme diagnoses which I have heard from a lot of fellow lymies.

Coffee enemas. To help the body (liver) keep up with detox you can assist the liver with dumping.

Multi vitamin- keep your body working at its best, supported in every area you might be lacking.

Homozone (ozone bound with magnesium) - this was the only thing that broke the blood brain barrier and finally after 10 years gave me cognitive function back 85% the magnesium really gives me gas and bloating so I take it in small doses.

CBD = game changer with anxiety and pain.

Curcumin and turmeric - helped with arthritis and inflammation (note: every single thing I consume I ask myself if its causing or fighting inflammation. I would suggest getting well versed on this.)

Omega complex- heart health - I developed Postural orthostatic tachycardia (yay.) I still havent completely resolved this, but consistency with omegas have helped heal it.

Probiotics. TAKE THEM IN HIGH DOSES ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE BEEN ON ANTIBIOTICS. They replace the good flora in your gut and help with immunity. Again, give your body a chance to heal.

The b vitamins along with selenium help detox when taking iodine.

The Gerson Clinic and Riordan Clinic were also inspiration on this journey along with anything else that was suggested by friends along the way. Infrared saunas have also been suggested with lots of success.

I do a lot of Yoga and meditation. I dont drink alcohol. I stopped telling myself I could cheat here and there and got VERY serious about my healing. I am happy to answer any question anyone has about anything lyme related. I never got head aches and my insomnia stopped when I started aggressive antibiotic treatment. I know the antibiotics worked for a little while but the disease came back aggressively after a short time. I am well aware that this disease can present itself differently in all people afflicted by it. If I can offer any hope here let me share that I am 85-90% better. The only things I cant seem to get past are the ringing in my ears, slight vertigo and extreme heat sensitivity.

Be kind to yourself. Self love is truly knowing what it is you need on every level and honoring that. Know your not alone in your battle and through sharing what works we can create a community of folks who can help each other heal. Thank you for reading this. You will beat this. With so much love and healing energy...



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