HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Wrap

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How It Works

For 45 minutes, the HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Wrap produces infrared radiation (light that we can't see, but feel as heat). The infrared heat penetrates the body to raise our core body temperature to increase blood flow, increase metabolic rate, burn calories and boost skin cell rejuvenation. By creating an intense, yet sustainable sweat from the cellular level, the wrap loosens deep stored toxins — pushing out the likes of heavy metals, radiation, environmental pollutants, fat, cholesterol, alcohol and nicotine. When enveloped in the infrared heat, your body goes into full relaxation mode without resistance, which allows toxins to be more easily released. While infrared-induced sweating flushes out your pores, giving you freshly-glowing skin, it also leaves you feeling re-energized and euphoric.


The wraps are made with non-toxic materials and are safe to use every day. When your body is tucked in, you're fully covered except for your head and your hands, so you're free to sip water and adjust the wrap's setting if you need. Each wrap comes with a small controller and a built-in safety feature, which shuts off after one hour.




What You’ll Need

  • HD Infrared sauna wrap
  • Standard electricity


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


Lately, I've been travelling a lot for work and I was starting to feel sluggish and unbeatably more tired than my usual self. Even when I'm consistently working out and keeping my diet on track, the constant shuffling between cities and times zones still messes up my sleep cycle and eating habits. Because I've been a fan of HigherDOSE infrared saunas for a while now, when I found out they released packable infrared sauna wraps, I decided to get one and take it on the road with me.


While it's not the same spa experience as an infrared sauna, the effects are very similar! It's just as relaxing and it feels equally as re-energizing. It gets everything flowing in your body, and you feel awesome because it's pushing out toxins. My body and mind feel instantly better, plus my skin looks healthier and calmer. I'm more awake and alert. I feel less stressed and less anxious, which makes me more productive and allows me to sleep better. It's definitely helped stay lively on a hectic schedule. I have a trip that's more than five days, my HD sauna wrap is packed.



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