Homemade Coconut Oil Face Wash for Radiant Skin

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How It Works

Making your own face wash is not only a simple way to cut down on the chemicals entering your body, but also leads to a moisturized and bright complexion after just a few weeks of use. Conventional face washes can be very harsh and drying to the skin, and are often used everyday rather than the recommended 2-3 times a week. Exfoliants in particular can be very harmful, as they strip the skin of its naturally produced oils. When the rough and chemical-loaded washes are used on a daily basis, skin becomes quickly dehydrated and dry. To try and combat the flaky and itchy sensations that accompany dry skin, your face begins to overproduce natural oils called sebum. The combination of the powerful exfoliants with the overproduction of oil can lead to blotchy red patches, irritations, and dry skin in some areas of the face and acne in others. This homemade face wash is gentle and all natural. It cleanses the face of any dirt or sweat from the day and leaves you feeling refreshed, but it still permits the skin to maintain healthy levels of sebum. Rather than having to fight to maintain a balance between acne and dry skin, homemade face wash will allow your skin to take care of itself. You can feel secure in knowing exactly what you are putting on your body, and you should start seeing more vibrant skin within the first month of use.


To make the wash, mix the baking soda and coconut (liquid or creamy at room temp.) until they form a paste. Add the lavender and tea tree oil until thoroughly mixed. Store in a sealed container and scoop out a little with your finger for daily use with warm water.

What You’ll Need


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I have struggled with skin care since middle school. My skin could range from very dry in the winter to oily in the summer, and I was prone to breakouts when stressed. I tried many skin care routines, but was never able to find one I was truly happy with or achieve the skin I wanted. This past summer, I spent a week backpacking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. For 7 days, we had no showers, soap, or a change of clothes. I returned to base camp after the week feeling amazing, but expecting my skin to be oily and broken out. When I first looked in the mirror, I could not believe my eyes. My skin looked perfect, bright and without a blemish in sight. When I told my hiking guides about my surprise, they said this was something backpackers found on almost every trip they had led. When skin is given a week off from the chemicals it is frequently exposed to, it is finally allowed to regulate its own oil production and take care of itself. Ever since this pivotal trip, I have tried to do as little to my skin as possible; using natural washes and minimal makeup. The results have been extraordinary, and I now have the skin I have always wanted.

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