Meditate for random number of minutes and outsmart your monkey mind

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

How It Works

I recently started to experiment with meditating for random number of minutes so you keep your monkey mind on its feet.

You generally know your schedule and how much time you have to meditate so in the random number generator below, just input the min and max:

For me, I do 15 - 45. Then input into your favorite meditation app and enjoy your sit!

What You’ll Need

  • random number generator (google)
  • meditation cushion


Easy Neither easy
nor hard


Many of us who have a daily meditation practice, sit for the same amount of time at the same time of day. I know I do. I've successfully incorporated meditation into my morning routine, but recently my mind has begun to rebel. It's set an internal alarm clock around 15 minutes (I usually sit for 20 minutes), and at that point it's a monkey mind throwdown.

What are you doing? Here think about this! Oh, you have to do this today. What's the next step on that project?

As it were, the restlessness begun to get me. I responded by trying to focus harder, breathe deeper.

With this small tip, even though you know the amount of minutes you are going to input into your meditation app, your mind and body won't be accustomed to that specific amount of time. Without that internal alarm clock poking you, you can then choose to surrender to direct experience and hopefully reap the benefits of sitting...just to sit.

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