Natural Benefits of Castor Oils


How It Works

Beneficial for hair

For hair, Castor oil imposes shine and also acts as a natural hair conditioner. It promotes hair growth. Women often use it to re-grow their eyelashes in case they have accidentally plucked it out. You can also use it on your hair as well as on the eyebrows. It promotes quick hair growth in some women. Not only does the castor oil helps to grow your hair longer, but it also makes it grow thicker in women. It helps in curing premature greying of your hair. So, use castor oil for hair.

Beneficial in treating Acne

Castor oil mainly consists of ricinoleic acid and fatty acid, which helps in treating flaky skin and makes your skin smooth. It is a natural skin moisturizer that protects it against any moisture loss, which is the key treatment strategy for Acne. It is also helpful in treating hyperpigmentation of your skin. Along with this, castor oil helps in getting rid of redness, dark spots, stretch marks, and inflammation of the skin.


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