Learn ‘8’ Best Pilates for Back Pain Relief


How It Works


Setting up the neutral position

First, keep your hip and feet a few distances apart and keep your pelvis in the neutral. Move the pelvis forward and backward, then rest it in the middle. This makes your hip bones in level, and the natural spine comes beneath you. Leave a little space under your back. Soften the ribs down towards hips, widen the collar bones, and mount the shoulder under the mat. This position allows the muscles around the head to be contracted 30% towards the body. In this contraction, pulse your hand up and down 100 times while holding your core muscles engaged. Maintain your natural breathing during this.

Maintain this posture and then start with the pilates exercise from here. 

Hip twist(for the pelvic stability)

After completing the previous posture, rest the hands on the floor and keep your center engaged to the neutral of the spine. Now take one knee sidewards and then bring it back to its original position. After that, start with your other knee and do the same. While pushing the knee in the outward direction, exhale and while coming inwards inhale your breath. The tension of knee movement must be running through your hip bones. Do it five times. 




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